Sri Rakum School

Our aim is to carry out the mission of raising reasonable fund for the school of needy children through gaining the attention of liberal givers in social media



Undertook this project to help them raise fund by using the digital medium to reach millions on daily basis. Our objective is to let you reach your target audience accurately. Our one-to one discussion with you will let us analyze your need after which we plan our next move by filtering your audience from the mass, and finally we will reach your desired target. Through rational strategy, we hit the target through comprehensive attention and lucrative awareness of the school. Our successive digital platforms to run campaigns are GDN (Google Display Network) , Facebook and LinkedIn.


We performed the campaign through paid ads that was composed of masterpiece content which would make people donate generously. This studious process made us achieve 2% on CTR ( Click through rate) which ultimately improved CTR (Click through Rate) by reducing the average CPC (Cost Per Click). Come and join our Digital world and achieve your goal for your impending future!

Campaign Achievements

3.3M impressions generated via leads campaign
0.21% Interaction rate on display ads
5.30 Avg.cost on Clicks
92% social media engagement via promotion