James & Co

A grandiose promotion of products on social media can hoist the fame of the brand to the pinnacle of success.



We managed Pay Per Click(PPC) and Facebook Campaign to promote home appliances like Air conditioner, LED Television, Refrigerator, Washing Machine and eye-opening combo’s like Furniture Combo, Appliances Combo, Kitchen Combo. Video Campaign’s and ad post campaigns were designed for an efficacious promotion of brands. James & Co wished to target people AC buyers in summer, we ran continuous campaigns on digital medium to highlight their best AC Offers to improve footfalls. Our campaigns constantly highlighted the USP( Unique Selling Point) of James & Co.


James & Co enjoyed massive reach with instantaneous increase in percentage of Search ads 11% CTR. The ad campaign earned 62 Conversions by driving 5,924,119 Impressions. The campaign attained 10,415 Clicks with 1.56% CTR for remarketing Display which is 3 fold Increase in Showroom footfalls.

Campaign Achievements

14.9 M impressions generated via brand awareness campaign
0.73% Interaction rate on display ads
95% social media engagement via promotion
1.27 Avg.cost on Clicks