Study Doctor

Studying MBBS is still a dream for multitudes, Study Doctor aims to make their dreams come true by providing platform to study MBBS in Russia at an affordable cost .


A well established consultancy that helps students who aspires to do MBBS in Russia. As they send the students to top medical universities in Russia they needed digital marketing platform to deliver their vision and mission.


As there are numerous consultancy in India, we provided clear details about study doctor to the social media platform by highlighting their USP. PPC and social media marketing helped them to reach thousands of aspirants during the admission period of 2019.

Campaign Achievements

9,00,000 impressions generated via brand awareness campaign
5 to 10 genuine leads generated per day through B2C Campaign
6.65 Avg CPC on clicks
55 leads generated within a span of 30 days at 11.81% CTR
227% increase on social media engagement via promotion