A newly launched brand needs special attention. We concentrated on introducing Sunright sunflower oil on the most influential platforms like social media, web design and web development and content management for rapid persuasion and for instant recognition.



we helped them deliver their brand ideas and their USP ( Unique Selling Point) to the target audience. with our cohesive strategy we helped them in promoting their brand strategy on all the possible Digital marketing medium to enrich their presence and to make them reach the top with quick results. By designing an eloquent website we managed to create their masterpiece website to deliver their brand ideas effectively.


They have gained a appreciable position in the market with an impressive website that welcomes thousands of customers everyday. Mauris sit amet dapibus quam, sed euismod magna. Aenean eros odio, fringilla eu tellus quis.

Campaign Achievements

We introduced Sunright for the first time to the Digital platform
100% increase in facebook video views
0.19 Avg CPV on videos
2 to 3 genuine leads generated per day through B2B Campaign
2,15,000 impressions generated via brand awareness campaign
100% increase on social media engagement via promotions