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At Adinn Digital, we believe that Digital transformation has become more of a necessity rather than a mere requirement. In-fact your organization in some capacity could be involved in one or more digital marketing activities already, with Search engines & social media giants updating their search and paid platforms with Advanced algorithms, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies everyday. The digital domain has become a platform and an opportunity that can’t be missed.

Digital Marketing 2.0 is the culmination of digital marketing strategies that are fueled through data science analytics and this is where the industry is headed, and unfortunately there are only a handful of organizations actually practicing it.

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We Specialize in Digital Marketing 2.0

Use ETL Methods on Data Sets Curated from Advertising & Marketing verticals. While keeping up with New Technologies

Hire Top Talents From Digital Marketing, Software Development, Data Analytics & other Expert Profiles

Combine Our 20 Years of Advertising, Marketing & Creative Industry knowledge to Deliver on Results

What is Digital Marketing 2.0?

Data Analytics

Data interpretation experts in our team give us granular insights on marketing data acquired from web scrapping, marketing tools, user generated data etc and guide other teams on how to apply the most efficient of marketing efforts right down to the fundamental questions, i.e When & Where to put marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing experts then contribute by applying derived statics from the DA teams and apply these inputs into their campaigns and thereby deduce between push and pull marketing strategies with the best of fund utilization techniques and ad copies that are highly relevant.