Mobile App Development

Be the part of the App Revolution that gives more power to the customers.


We lay the necessary groundwork of the app development process. Substantial research and brainstroming sessions are conducted along with the clients to understand the objective and target audience of the app before proceeding further.

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A prototype is built for defining the experience of the app from the user’s point of view. A detailed blueprint is created on the basis of how it works, how it flows et al. This wireframe gives a rough idea of the direction of the process.

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Once the aforementioned process gets completed, its the time for us to build the app. We design all the features to be included in the app to stay ahead of the competition. Also, we ensure database design gets synchronized with the backend servers.

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User experience testing is performed to ensure that there aren’t issues in the app flow. Also, beta testing is performed by launching a trial version so that any flaws found by users in a real world environment can be addressed.

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This is where your app gets launched by submitting to the app store for approval. However, this is not the end of the process as there is always room for updates and adding new features based on user requirement.

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Categories of apps

There are 33 categories of apps in Google Play and 24 categories in Apple’s App Store. And there are just 7 app categories that have managed to reach more than 3% of users, according to research. See for yourself:

Category Examples
Art & Design Sketchbooks, painter tools, art & design tools, coloring books
Auto & Vehicles Auto shopping, auto insurance, auto price comparison, road safety, auto reviews & news
Beauty Makeup tutorials, beauty shopping, makeup simulators
Books & Reference Book readers, reference books, text books, dictionaries
Business Document editor/reader, package tracking, email management, job search
Communications Messaging, chat/IM, dialers, address books, browsers, call management
Dating Matchmaking, courtship, relationship building, meeting new people, finding love
Education Exam preparations, study-aids, vocabulary, language learning
Entertainment interactive entertainment
Events Concert tickets, sporting event tickets, ticket resales, movie tickets
Finance Banking, payment, ATM finders, financial news, insurance, taxes, portfolio/trading, tip calculators
Food & Drink Recipes, restaurants, food guides, wine tasting & discovery, beverage recipes
Health & Fitness Personal fitness, workout tracking, diet and nutritional tips, health & safety, etc.
House & Home House & apartment search, home improvement, interior decoration, mortgages, real estate
Lifestyle Style guides, wedding & party planning, how-to guides
Maps & Navigation Navigation tools, GPS, mapping, transit tools, public transportation
Medical Drug & clinical references, calculators, handbooks for health-care providers, medical journals & news
Music & Audio Music services, music players
News & Magazines Newspapers, news aggregators, magazines, blogging
Photography Cameras, photo editing tools, photo management and sharing
Productivity Notepad, to do list, keyboard, printing, calendar, calculator, conversion
Shopping Online shopping, auctions, coupons, price comparison, grocery lists, product reviews
Social Social networking, check-in
Sports fantasy team management,
Travel & Local Trip booking tools, ride sharing, taxis, city guides, local business information, trip management tools, tour booking
Video Players & Editors Video players, video editors, media storage