Website Process

Great websites add great values to your business. From wire-framing to PSD designing, we do it all.


Our team of design wizards engage on a brainstroming session with our clients to get a clear picture regarding the look and feel of the website. We make sure to understand the expectation of clients and strive to exceed it in every way possible.

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This is where we finalize the layout of the web page with necessary blueprints that demonstrates the interface elements and key pages. It’s all a bit technical but we depend on it to act as a visual guide to understand the framework of a website. This process is quite critical for the overall design process.

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Once the blueprint is ready, we jump straight ahead with the design process. It includes defining the structure, interfaces and relationship between system functional blocks. On the whole we strive to implement a Design Architecture on which the whole design is built.

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On simple terms, we run quick tests on designs that are still in progress before they are linked together as prototype. We involve engaging design reviews within the team to identify bugs and areas for improvement and check the overall process of design.

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This the delivery stage. Our clients get to the front-end design along with the functionality of each elements. We explain each and every functions to clients and note down any modifications they demand. Once they are satisfied with the overall process we proceed to development.

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Single Page

Our single page design is a beautiful example of order, simplicity, and effectiveness. All your website’s content is presented within a single page. Every section has a crucial information related to your business to give a flawless and efficient user experience. It includes Banner, Gallery, Services, and Contact details within a single page.

Multi Page

Our multi page design offers unlimited scalability to expand and navigate. A separate page can be created for each section based on your requirement. The number of pages and content for each of those pages are finalized by our clients. We achieve an easy to follow navigation flow for a smooth user experience. The user can reach to any section with just a click or two.

Product Catelog

We create premium product catalogue page for wide range of business categories. Our design contains informative content on the your products displayed. We make optimum use of product images, content, and style to grab the attention of your customers towards the product. Additionally, we place an enquiry form which automatically generates a mail when an user fills it. However, online purchase option is not available with this feature.

Ecommerce Page

We offer a appealing design for e-commerce purposes that’s also functional and optimized for maximum conversions. The most common type of conversion is making a sale. We are skilled at creating an e-commerce site that looks fantastic and leads customers through the buying process from the beginning to end. The products are placed in an attractive manner same as our product catalogue design. Further a payment gateway is integrated into the site to enable online transaction for the customers.

Parallax Effects

We are experts at creating parallax scrolling techniques where the background move slower than the foreground images throughout a web page creating an effect of depth on a two-dimensional site. As the user is scrolling through the website, the content section pops up, zooms in, and moves left to write to create a virtual experience with the help of animation. It adds a sense of immersion to your site.

*Domain & Hosting will be separate cost.