Social Media Marketing Digital Vs Traditional Marketing


Digital Vs Traditional Showdown – Which Model of Marketing is Most Suitable For Your Business?

When was the last time you got impressed by an ad and decided to buy the product? Was it the one you saw on TV? How about those colorful ones on newspaper? The saccharin sounding ads from radio? Probably not.

I’m betting on something popped up on your social media feed. Your friend shared it, you saw it and went “Wow…I want to buy that.” Don’t worry. You are not alone. As people are hooked to their phones all the time, they are influenced by digital advertisements.

Research suggests that businesses are selling more products via digital marketing than it’s traditional counterpart. On broad terms, digital marketing is similar to traditional advertising that utilizes digital medium encompassing smart gadgets.

The world of digital marketing is agile and growing at a rapid pace. Simply put, as long as technology advances, the space of digital marketing will expand as well. Recently, Newsweek switched all its publication to digital arena causing ripples across the publication industry.

Traditional Marketing – An Overlook

Over the last year or so, traditional marketing had took a fall of an abysmal 160% all over the world. Despite such alarming facts, experts opine that traditional marketing can’t be written off that easily. There are numerous facets to traditional marketing which can be still considered relevant such as business cards or print ads in news papers or magazines. Another facet of traditional marketing that’s often overlooked is building network via face-to-face rapport with the customers.

People are accustomed to traditional marketing due to its longevity. No matter how instant you can get news, there are readers who read yesterday’s news on a news paper every morning at their own pace. It’s an old habit for many, a good one too. In spite of all these advantages and old-world appeal, it has its own disadvantages. One of the primary disadvantage is that the impact of the advertisement is not quantifiable. It is also really expensive than it’s digital counterpart. Another significant aspect to note is that there is no way of interacting with the consumer. It’s pretty much a one way traffic.

The Digital Supremacy

As mentioned earlier, one of the prominent feature of digital marketing is that the results are easier to quantify, analyze, and take action. The sheer reach of digital marketing is phenomenal as it is not bound by geographical limitations. It is also an interactive medium via which you can reach more consumers via social media. This enables the exchange of valuable feedback between the business and customers which in turn help the business to grow and launch new products. It is true that takes a while to achieve massive success via digital marketing. But I’d say that the wait is worthwhile. Even beneficial in the long term since it gives opportunity to learn and grow as a business.

So yeah, based on the aforementioned arguments, one can conclude that digital market is superior to traditional marketing. I’d even say that if you want to thrive as a business in today’s world of cutthroat competition, you should adapt to digital marketing. It’s the key to the future!