Social Media Marketing 10 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Google Analytics


10 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Google Analytics For Improved Traffic
Are you a Business Owner?
Are you willing to generate more revenue and profit?
Do you have a dedicated website for your business?

If your answer is in the affirmative to all the aforementioned questions, you have landed at the right page. Keep reading…

Having a dedicate website for your business is a good way to attract more viewers, convert more leads, and ultimately generate more revenue and promote your brand across multiple channels. However, merely owning a website won’t cut it. You need to optimize your site in such a way that it brings in lots of viewers and pique their interest on your product as well.

All this may sound complicated but don’t sweat it for we got your back. Well, Google has got your back to be precise. Google Analytics is an excellent tool that enables you to optimize your website for maximum performance. In this post, I’ve pointed out 13 ways in which you can utilize Google Analytics that will enhance your online marketing strategy.

1. Goal Setting
It enables you to cleary define your goals for users who click your website. The main purpose of such goal setting is to acquire leads and conversions. For instance, the website generating a “Thank you for registering with us” message indicates achievement of one particular goal.

2. Event Overview
If a customer searches a particular product or reads a blog post, it can be considered as an event and it is used to track the number of enquiries made on the particular product or post. Based on this information that particular product can be promoted.

3. Bounce Rate Analysis
The term refers to the percentage of visitors who bounce back from the site after viewing just one page. It indicates that your homepage is boring or loading slowly and you need to do something about it.

4. New Visitors
This feature enables you to keep track of new visitors to your site on a monthly basis. More new visitors means your brand is generating more buzz.

5. Most Viewed Page
If a particular page is getting more number of vistiors, it means that people are finding the content attractive and other pages can be modified accordingly.

6. Geocentric Traffic
This feature sorts users based on thier locality so that you can target specific audience based on the city or country they are hailing from.

7. Location Based Classification
This gives the percentage of traffic generated based on the source of searches. If your site has high percentage of organic search, you can save a lot of money.

8. Device Based Classification
When a user accesses your site via mobile, the type of mobile can be viewed to make some assertations. For instance, if many iPhone users access your site you can include some exclusive content for them.

9. Timely Traffic Estimation
In case of e-commerce sites, the first week of the month will always have high traffic due to salary distribution. New products can be launched during this time.

10. Graphical Representation
If you include appealing graphs and images to support your content, it will get lot of views and shares. Hence make sure to spice up your content with appealing colors.

Apart from the aforementioned features, Google Analytics offer a lot more efficeint options that – when applied wisely – will tremendously increase your website traffic. Go for it!