Design Its Crucial to Trounce the Bounce


Your creativity is the heart of your content. Make sure you keep it hale and healthy.

When your business is online it means that your open to the world. It has become the strategy to analyze your inputs on screen. If your not very serious about the content and the presentation skills of your website then you are at a risk to have the highest bounce rate. If your page is making them bounce back to their search engine then the visitors didn’t like your website.

Do you know the bounce rate of your website?
Have you ever thought of checking on the bounce rate of your website?

It’s mandatory to keep track of your bounce rate. If you do not know where you stand then you may not be successful in attracting the readers. Keep checking your bounce rate and indulge in the act of saving your dream. If your goal is to make millions of readers or buyers or supporters to stay with you then you need to constantly update and renew it with exciting ideas. Make them stay with you on a long run and trounce the bounce rate. It’s not too late, get into the bounce rate meter today and know what is pulling you back

  • 60-80% of bounce rate means your page is very bad and poor
  • 50-70% denotes that your page is at an average level
  • 30-50% means your doing great
  • 20% and below that means your page is super cool

Try to build a page that looks cool to your audience which makes them get what they want.

Have you ever analyzed why is that people are not much interested in staying on your page?

if not start the procedure now! if they are not staying on your page for a long time then,

  • Your site is not appealing
  • Your site is not carrying an expected content
  • Your pages are not related to the search of your visitors
  • Your website is very slow
  • There are no attractive web designs
  • Your product is not satisfactory
  • They do not want your page anymore

The most important thing that you should avoid is not to make the visitors wait for a long time to open your page. If your page takes a long time to load then:

  • Restrict the number of elements on your page
  • Use CSS instead of images
  • Write a masterpiece content instead of beating around the bush for pages.

Do not frustrate them:

Apart from these, your major concern should be focusing on reducing the bounce rate. You need to make a periodical check-up of the bounce rate of your website. If you rank between 60 -80% then you need to take a massive step to reduce the bounce rate by making the following changes:

  • Build a tempting web design that ropes in millions of audiences.
  • Optimize your loading time and save their time
  • Have an updated SEO for your website to optimize for the right keywords, thereby making them arrive at your page.
  • Write a masterstroke content and keep updating it with no delay.
  • Avoid innumerable pop-ups that irritate the audience.

Maintaining your online page is as important as planning your daily meal. Be awake and kindle the interest of your audience and make them stay with you.

Its time to grow