Social Media Marketing Get in the Social Swing and Go Viral


Have you ever seen this personality or atleast heard of the name Jeff Bezos?

The founder and CEO of the Great prodigious online store named Amazon. With untiring passion and persistence from childhood, Jeff was focused to establish a dominion of his own. His earlier days insists that he was not actually interested in working in a firm as a paid employee rather he wanted to own a firm on his own.

With the intense devotion to his goal, he came up with an idea of developing an online book store named Amazon which was named after the Amazon river of South Africa, during a cross country expenditure from New York to Seattle. He just began it as an online bookstore and he gradually extended its territory by bringing in a variety of products and services, including video and audio streaming. Today, its the world’s largest online sales company, as well as the world’s largest provider of cloud infrastructure services via its Amazon Web Services arm. He began Amazon with 300,000 dollars and now he has earned 137 billion dollars profit out of Amazon online store.

How was this possible? the answer is simple. Its because he observed digital marketing as a medium and social media as his ambassador to advertise his online store. He took a wise decision in his life by investing in the right medium to promote his ideas.

A survey says that a person uses his mobile for the maximum number of 86 times per day. Which means they look at their mobile phones more often than drinking water. Then why is it not possible to move your brand through social media instead of just sticking on to the usual traditional media platforms. Technology is the tool that everyone has and its the best way to tell the world about your brand that assures attention and progression. We are in an era were we appear in social media more often than appearing in our house. It has become the residing place for millions of people who keep sharing things starting from their personal updates to the stuff they most admired and followed. Do you think it’s impossible to get into their social media page to gain their attention? of course not! Its very simple and its a very judicious decision to plunge into the social media to do an effective marketing campaign.

As Bill Gates says “ If your business is not on the internet then your business is out of business”. If you do not step into the arena of Digital marketing then your sure to lose your goal in taking your business to the next level. Social media is the best way to keep your target audience aware of your presence and engaged through your posts on branding and advertising. Why do you want to look for an effective medium outside when you already have an alluring medium inside your phone. Try to personally touch each and every customer by exposing your brand in all its beauty. Jump into the pool of social media confidently and get into the list of most successful people in the world. Let the generations search for your biography in google to learn about your net value for a year in billions.